About Us

About Us

Verlass Construction and Chemical Industry, with years of experience in the sector, effectively contributes to the construction sector with the well-known and trusted RECESS®™ VERLASS®™ PURCESS brands. By widening its target to the global market with the proprietary RECESS®™ VERLASS®™ PURCESS brands, Verlass meets all requirements of the Construction Industry Products including Construction Chemicals, Pressure Concrete, Wall Panels, Wall Ornaments, Construction and Industrial Paints under one roof. Today, Verlass is in the progress of adding value to its clients with innovative and specialized products ranging across 20 different product lines. 

Verlass Construction and Chemical Industry provides high-level service to its international trade partners ranging across 41 countries with the philosophy of “Continuous Development is the Key to Success”, utilizing the operation centre located in Turkey, and doing business with innovative, trustworthy, pursuing, honest, customer satisfaction-oriented values.

Verlass adds value to the customer by prioritizing the principles of quality, prompt response to the needs and the service provided by the expert technical team both presale and after-sale.

Verlass Construction and Chemical Industry takes firm steps toward being an innovative and leading firm by adding value to the construction businesses in both Turkey and the World with its Research and Development activities and Technical Support provided in production facilities in Istanbul.          


Our Vision

We give primary importance to the principle of adding value to the client by high-quality, responsive and qualified pre-and after sales services of the technical team.


Our Mision

Verlass structure and chemical industry proceeds on its way to be one of the innovative and pioneer companies that adds value to construction industry with production facilities in Istanbul, ongoing R & D activities in Turkey and in the world and technical support provided.



  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 10002:2004
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001:2007